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Saksa, Judith - Jiipeenetti - kouluikäisille tytöille ja pojille

Judith's report from Gamescom

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I suppose, you, too, would have enjoyed it to visit Gamescom. I was very lucky to get a ticket from the press office so I could attend Gamescom and write this article for you.

More than a quarter of a million people come to Cologne very day from August 15 through 19 to visit the world's biggest computer game fair.

Producers of computer games show the latest developments and the newest hardware, for example, they presented the new Wii U, the new PSP Vita and games for these platforms. They also showed the latest versions of computer games like Asassin Creed III. The huge halls of the fair are full of people who are in a mood to party around.


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Gigant screens dominate the shaded halls in the so-called Entertainemt Area, which are used to display shows and games. The music is quite loud, it is hard to talk in the halls. In order to promote sport games, the producers of such games invited famous skaters and bike riders to demonstrate their skills in shows. There are also competions in which visitors of Gamescom can compete with each other in the latest computer games.

Quite different is the Business Area where the producers of the games meet. Many countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands or Japan have their own stands where the producers of these countries present their business cases and try to make contact with business partners and show previews of new games to selected experts. When I visited the Mexican stand, I was shown the storyboard for a game called Tequila Bunny, which was quite funny. Finland participates in the common stand of the nordic countries. Admittance to the business area is limited to producers, business people and press officials so I was very privileged to be granted access. Visiting the business area is like seeing the backstage area, here you can understand how big a market is the computer games industry and how business is conducted.

Visiting the Gamescom was really exciting for me and was really a lot of fun. Now I am looking forward to the new games which will be avilable soon in stores or for downloads.


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